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Experience the hospitality, warmth and comfort of a family home in Scotland by staying in a B&B or Guesthouse.

Scotland can be divided into three areas, the Highlands, the Southern Uplands and the Middle Valley. In addition it boasts some 790 islands. Its scenery is undeniably beautiful with forests in the border country, inhabited by Roe Deer, mountains and heather covered hills, inhabited by Red Deer, which overlook lochs and rivers where the salmon offer anglers serious sport. The coast is rugged, interspaced with river estuaries and delightful beaches. The Gulf Stream, which originates in the Gulf of Mexico, delivers warm water to the west coast and its islands.Its people are welcoming and exhibit an extraordinary pride in their nation.

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Scotland Picture Gallery

St. Andrews golf course looking towards the club house Golfing in Scotland cannot be described as a pastime, more an obsession. Scotland claims to be the first to have played the game and the initial Open took place Preswick in 1860. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews is justly the home of golf with the game evolving there for the last 600 years.
Crail harbour on the East coast in Fife Crail is a charming village on the east coast of Scotland, with a small harbour, located close to St. Andrews. Settled for centuries the village climbs up the hill from the harbour displaying a mixture of stone built and white painted houses with slate and red tiled roofs. It once held market day on a Sunday much to the chagrin of the Church of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle, a monument to the past, overlooks and dominates the city of Edinburgh. Built on hard volcanic rock it offers an almost perfect defensive position. The major tourist attraction in Scotland it sees over a million visitors per annum. Look out for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Listen daily for the one 0'clock Gun.
Magnificent Red Deer Red and Roe deer are common in Scotland with Roe Deer roaming the lowland forests and Red Deer, the largest land mammal in Britain, commanding the glens and heights. Roe deer are very shy, so if you see one stay very quiet and still. Red deer stags grow multi-branched antlers which they discard each summer.

Scottish Pipe Band Pipe bands, a scottish tradition, consist of a drummers section and the pipes. Their origins are lost in the mists of time but the military have had pipe bands for many years, often used in times of war to lead men into battle. Many countries support pipe bands and competitions abound around the globe.
Tobermory, Isle of Mull The Isle of Mull off the scottish west coast is part of the Inner Hebrides. Its capital is Tobermory a village of about 700 people. From the seaward side the village presents a neat harbour and a row of colourfully painted building. The islands beaches are immaculate and free of any pollution.

Scottish Church Pitlochry The Church of Scotland on the left is in the town of Pitlochry. The town is in the heart of Scotland close by Loch Faskally. A holiday destination, it sits in a valley amidst beautiful scenery. Locally there is abundant wildlife including red squirrels, deer, birds of prey, Pine Martins, salmon and trout. There are some excellent restaurants.
Oban harbour and town Oban, a town with a population of over 8000, is the gateway to many islands on the west coast. The large harbour receives not only ferries but cruise ships as well. It is a tourist town, packed in the summer, with several good local beaches. Renowned for its seafood, there are some excellent restaurants in the town.

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